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Social Media Consultancy

We turn your social media from bland to grand...from corny to follow-worthy.

In this Instagram obsessed age we live in, there are only a few things more important for a brand than their social media presence. Audiences nowadays are more discerning, so a brand not only has to have an aesthetically appealing feed, but a consistent message that resonates with them.


Our Social Media Consultancy aims to "refresh" your social media presence. Whether it's "like - worthy"  flatlays, aesthetically pleasing product shots, editable templates and GIFS that are bound to go viral, we know what it takes to get your brand closer to your audience.



This before and after sample of our social media refresh shows how aesthetically pleasing content goes a long way in elevating your brand's perception.


What's Included?


Brand Consultancy

Before starting your "refresh" we sit down with you and narrow down your brand's goals and objectives. We establish a design style that is in line with these said goals and provide you with a tailor made moodboard that is catered to your target audience.

Editable Templates

In order to establish your social media presence, we will provide you with initial content using editable templates made specifically for your brand's needs. These templates will then be turned over to you, enabling you to continue creating amazing content for your brand!


Product Shots

Creative flat lays and out of the ordinary product shots make sure that your brand is "on fleek"

We offer our  Social Media Consultancy service to all types of clients: from small start ups who understand the value of a well designed and thought-of social media presence in establishing their brand, to bigger companies looking to expand into the digital space by having an intentional social media presence.