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The Hangover Defense

Revitawater is an Anti-Hangover drink that aims to empower life's greatest moments by liberating people of the dreaded hangover.

With such a strong brand promise as: "Do More Tomorrow", it is important that the visual identity of Revitawater is equal parts exciting and reliable. We were tasked to create a brand identity that not only appeals to a young market, but also conveys the scientific and dependable nature of the product.


The Concept of the logo revolves around the brand's pursuit of conveying "Excitement" + "Reliabaility and it's brand message: "Party all night & Do More Tomorrow!"


Working alongside Manila-based motion graphics studio Helium 3, we created an animated ad for Revitawater that explains how hangovers work and how the product helps in preventing them.


You can find Revitawater at Metro Vinos BGC, The Belle & Dragon, Tunnl Bar, or order it online through or