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Fashion Paranoia

Turn Up the Heat.

Fashion Paranoia is an online store that sells trendy apparel and swimwear for teen girls and young women.

They pride themselves in selling quality pieces that are at par with notable fast fashion brands in the market. As a result, their products are also priced higher than your typical online store. Taking note of this, Agape sought to veer Fashion Paranoia away from other Instagram stores, focusing instead on positioning it alongside notable fast fashion brands such as Zara, Mango & Topshop.

This entails a brand identity and message that is coherent with it’s vision of selling higher quality garments.


Being mindful of the brand being primarily an online store, there was emphasis put into making sure the brand identity was applied well on social media, especially on Instagram.


You can visit Fashion Paranoia's social media on Facebook and Instagram through @fashionparanoia.