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Branding + Identity Design

Avante Design & Construction

Timeless Design. Reliable Construction.

Being an Architectural firm that also offers construction, we wanted the branding of Avante to communicate not only good taste in design, but also reliability.

That is why we tapped into Swiss Architecture and Graphic Design as our main source of inspiration. Swiss design is known for it's compelling and impactful designs, carving it's presence in the history of design as a familiar and relatable look that appeals to a wide audience- clean yet utterly dramatic.


Not wanting to go the cliche' route of showing a house, we went and conveyed the action of constructing or building. Depicting the letter A through pieces of wood intertwining together.


In order to extend Avante's branding beyond just a good logo, we took inspiration from Swiss graphic design's prevalent use of geometric shapes and applied them as part of the brand's design scheme. This entails that the brand will have a consistent visual language all throughout.